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Site Safety Audit - Form (3)

Contractors Knowledge Base

Road Works

Are all road signs in position as required by N.R.S.W.A? 
Are all barriers in the correct position? 
Are intermediate barriers being used? 
Is there appropriately qualified supervision on the site? 
Is any spoil or debris or equipment outside the barriers? 
Are the works well lit at night? 
Has local authority and police been informed? 

Public Safety

Are public pathways and routes clearly defined? 
Does the organisation of the site require the public to walk across grass and soil? 
Are walkway meshes in use? 
Is the public separated from the site and equipment? 
Are private vehicles separated and unable to be damaged? 


Are all vehicles in good condition? 
If petrol is stored in the vehicle is it in a metal container? 
Does the quantity exceed two gallons? 
Is a fire extinguisher available in the vehicle? 
If yes has it been inspected within 12 months? 
Is the vehicle interior tidy? 


This check-list is designed to provide guidance to Inspectors monitoring any site. The questions are provided for guidance only and can be supplemented or modified to meet particular requirements. The important factor on any safety inspection is that a general view is formed of the management of the site and its control activities. There should be a competent person at each site who has responsibilities for overall Health & Safety matters.