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DOCUMENTS - Finding what you need

Contractors Knowledge Base


The documents in the CDM ToolKit™ have been produced in response to the legislation outlined previously. Each document is preceded by an explanation of how to use it and why it is necessary. Users will find that some documents are required on an almost daily basis whilst others are used far less often. There are 4 main purposes for which these documents are used:

Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

Documents such as contractors site responsibilities, training records, and contractors safety assessment checklist which, together with documents like a Health and Safety Policy, will help to prove competence. These documents give proof of relevant skills, knowledge and expertise or allow contractors to assess the competence of themselves or others.

Setting up the site

Items such as site history, security, welfare arrangements and fire arrangements can be recorded. These documents prove the site was set up with due consideration given to health and safety.

Running the site

Forms to record equipment checks, housekeeping arrangements, barrier arrangements, safety inspections, safety assessments and COSHH assessments. These records prove that the site, or the part of it under your control if you are sub-contracting, is being operated with due regard for health and safety.

Operations on site

Forms to authorise activities on site such as method statements and permit to work systems. These documents are required on any site by all contractors.