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Site Safety Audit - Form (1)

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Who is responsible for safety on site? 
Do all pieces electrical equipment carry a label identifying them as having been inspected within the last 12 months? 
Are utility plans available? 
Are the utility plans the current version? 
Is the work following the planned schedule? 
Is the work following the agreed method of work? 
Are accident and incident forms available? 
Are there written instructions and telephone numbers for use in an emergency, such as the electricity, gas boards, hospital, police, fire etc? 

Training / Instruction and Information

Have all staff attended site safety awareness training? 
Have all staff got sufficient information to ensure their safety? 
Are there information signs on site? 
Do staff have access to relevant health & safety information? 

Site Safety

Is safety footwear being worn? 
Are safety helmets being worn? 
Are all materials retained within the fenced site? 
Is the site tidy? 
Is there any mud, rubbish or debris within the work area? 
Are all excavations and voids fenced? 
Does the site have adequate welfare facilities? 
Are there regular site safety meetings?