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Site Electrical Equipment Inspection Record - Form

Contractors Knowledge Base

Damage to the casing    
Damage to the mains lead sheaf    
Damage to plug    
Damage to I.E.C. leads    
Security of cable restraints    
Security of grommets    
Plug electrical strength    
Plug mechanical strength    
Correct fuse rating    
Signs of overheating    
Damaged insulation    
Security of covers    
Security of enclosures    


The operator, prior to use, must check all electrically actuated equipment.

Before a portable electrical appliance may be used it is vital that the item has been electrically tested and deemed safe to use. Any item that has been subjected to an appropriate portable appliance test programme will, if the test is satisfactory and current, bear a portable appliance test sticker or label. These should bear the name of the tester and next test date.