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Contractors Safety Assessment - Form (5)

Contractors Knowledge Base

Personal Protective Equipment

Are all your employees supplied with PPE as required?


Are all your employees trained in the use PPE?


Will employees be supervised in the wearing of PPE?


Road Works

Are employees competent to the requirements of NRSWA?


Are suitable and sufficient road signs available at all times?


Are suitable and sufficient barriers available at all times?


Are all signs and barriers regularly inspected for damage?


Are all signs and barriers regularly cleaned?


Are warning lights available for poor visibility/night use?


Are lights regularly inspected?


Are records available for such inspections?


Are all works subject to regular inspection?


Are records available for inspection?


Other Safety Matters

Are employees trained in manual handling techniques?


Have employees attended a site safety awareness course?


Do employees have an understanding of the Health & Safety at Work Etc Act 1974?


Is there a registered first aider on site? Give details