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Contractors Safety Assessment - Form (4)

Contractors Knowledge Base

Pre-Start On Site Inspection

Are equipment storage areas defined?


Are work methods defined?


Is the site checked?



Potential hazards to own operators and the public


Verification of utility cables, pipes, runs, etc


Is the site scanned for underground services and structures prior to excavation?


Are your employees trained in the use of scanners?


Are scanners available at all times during excavations?


Are records available as proof of inspections, tests and calibration?


Are all excavations deeper than 0.5 metres tested for gas?


Are gas testers available at all locations?


Are employees trained in their use?


Are records available as proof of inspections, tests and calibrations?


Are metal cover plates available on demand to cover trenches, etc?


Have you taken into account the location of schools, hospitals, etc?


Is a visual inspection of the work area for hazards undertaken?


Are written method statements available?


Do you have a written emergency policy?


Do you operate a permit to work system?


Is health & safety information passed to all employees?


How is this information passed?