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People Moving Equipment

Designers Knowledge Base

Including lifts, escalators and autowalks.


There are several significant hazards associated with the specification of this equipment. It is important that the designer identify these and assess the associated risks.

Possible hazards and risks

  • falls from height, into pits or shafts or whilst accessing equipment at height, whilst installing, commissioning or maintaining equipment
  • manual handling: much equipment is bulky and heavy and requires manoeuvering in confined spaces
  • confined spaces: such as pits, motor rooms etc
  • hazardous substances: dusts and vapours, bottled gases, hydraulic oils etc
  • noise and vibration: during commissioning and maintenance
  • accidental operation of lift controls during installation, commissioning, repair or maintenance

Some design considerations

  • provide sufficient working space for installation and maintenance
  • consider access routes during installation and maintenance
  • where possible specify compact equipment for ease of handling
  • consider installation of permanent lifting equipment for installation and future maintenance and repair
  • provide for the installation of safety harness attachments when work at height is unavoidable such as work in lift shafts
  • allow for access for delivery and handling of components to installation position
  • ensure insulation, isolation, overload protection and earthing is provided for equipment
  • ensure car top controls in lifts are positioned to prevent accidental operation