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 Two or more skilled contractors

Created 5 Aug 2016, 12:59 by Simon Dixon in the CDM forum.

I'm working on a project to replace seven windows at first floor level. the work will start on the 15 and finish on the 22, 2 guys will erect scaffolding and two guys will strip out and replace the windows. my understanding is this is not notifiable. After speaking with our principle designer, he has informed me the project is notifiable because we have two or more skilled contractors. I can't find anything that supports this, Please can someone advise me if this is the case.

#1173 David Brede posted on 6 August 2016, 20:21

You are quite right. It is not notifiable.

Projects are notifiable in the following circumstances.

  1. last longer than 30 working days and have more than 20 workers
  2. working simultaneously at any point in the project; or
  3. exceed 500 person days.

Where there are more than one contractor on a site. one has to chosen as a Principal Contractor by the client and they discharge the duties that come with that duty holder.

Come back if you need any further guidance.

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