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 Content of Pre-Construction Health & Safety Plan

Created 15 Dec 2004, 08:03 by Ai Solutions in the CDM forum.

Please could you confirm (or maybe not) that statements such as "the relevant PPE must be worn on site" and "all gas installations to be carried out by CORGI registered personnel" do not really need to be included in the Pre Construction Plan, as a competent Contractor will already be aware of the legislation which covers such matters.

#45 Ai Solutions posted on 15 December 2004, 08:03

The question above was originally posed via our Ask A Guru feature and this response from 2004 was by either Dave Carr or Michael Stokes.

You are correct.

The pre-construction h&s plan only needs to contain information about the project and any significant hazards that the designers have been unable to avoid.

It does not require to identify insignificant hazards that a competent contractor should be aware of. The issues that she raises are clearly site related ones that are the responsibility of the principal contractor.

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