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Health and Safety (Management in Construction) (Jersey) Regulations 2016



The Health and Safety (Management in Construction) (Jersey) 2016 (CDM2016) came into force on October 1st 2016. The regulations place specific duties on clients, health and safety project coordinators, designers and contractors, to rethink their approach to health and safety, so that it is taken into account throughout the life of a construction project from its inception to its subsequent final demolition and removal.

The regulations are divided into 4 parts and 7 schedules:-

  1. Part 1 deals with the introduction, definition of what construction is, what is high risk, controlling risk matters and owner-builder of dwellings.
  2. Part 2 covers the more general requirements of the regulations, this includes the client duties, the health and safety project coordinator duties, the documentation requirements and contractor and designer duties.
  3. Part 3 covers the more specific requirements, in particular, the key health and safety issues that contractors should have in mind throughout a construction project.
  4. Part 4 of the regulations covers the closing of the regulations, repeal, saving and the citation and commencement of the regulations.

CDM applies to both major and minor construction works but does not cover owner-builders (domestic) works. The client must appoint a competent Health and Safety Project Coordinator, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, and the correct documentation needs to be produced, see statutory documents.

Duty Holders

Persons with specific duties under the regulations are the Client, the Health and Safety Project Coordinator, the Principal Contractor, plus anyone who is Designer or Contractor for the project.

Each of these duty holders apart from the client must be 'Competent' to act in the project. Details of the duties of each of the principals and the issues to be decided about competence follow.

The Statutory Documents

The regulations provide for the production of the following documents and plans during the course of the project.

Transitional Arrangements

The CDM 2016 regulations come into force 1 October 2016. There are no transitional arrangements, therefore construction projects that fall under the regulations must be managed and reported on in ALL cases.

CDM (Jersey) Knowledge Base

For more information about these regulations, please see the CDM (Jersey) Knowledge Base.

For the full regulations, please see R&O-013-2016: Health and Safety (Management in Construction) (Jersey) Regulations 2016.