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Public Health Services

Hazard Related Topics


These services include cold and hot water supplies, water treatment plant, surface water and foul drainage, waste and refuse disposal systems, above-ground sanitary systems, soil waste and vents and water and gas fire extinguishing systems.

Principal Hazards and Risks

  • Falls from height during installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment. Falling into excavations.
  • Confined spaces - during installation of equipment in manholes or tunnels, ducts etc.
  • Hazardous gases - carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane accumulating in confined spaces.
  • Manual handling of tanks and other public health plant which is bulky, heavy and awkwardly shaped.

Some Control Measures

  • Ensure safe access and safe place of work on equipment at height.
  • Work in confined spaces should be carried out by following the advice in the 'confined spaces' topic in this KnowledgeBase.
  • Ensure sufficient space is provided around plant installations to allow mechanical handling devices to be used.
  • Provide lifting beams, eyes and runways to assist in the lifting and transport of plant and equipment.
  • Ensure the installation of ladders for deep manhole access rather than step irons.
  • Ensure the provision of suitable protective clothing and equipment.