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Mechanical Services

Hazard Related Topics


Mechanical plant includes boilers, refrigeration and chiller plant, water treatment plant, air handling plant, fans and pumps, distribution systems such as pipework and ductwork, gas installations, steam and high temperature hot water installations and smoke ventilation.

Major Hazards and Risks

  • Falling from height during installation, commissioning and maintenance operations.
  • Manual handling - mechanical equipment is generally bulky, heavy and awkwardly shaped.
  • Pressurised plant and systems - steam, compressed air, refrigerated systems, medical gasses etc. can be hazardous especially during decommissioning.
  • Hot and cold surfaces, projecting equipment parts, sharp edges, slipping and tripping.
  • Hazardous atmospheres and substances such as explosive gas, welding fumes, refrigerants, dusts and vapours and the possibility of legionalla etc.

Some Control Methods

  • Ensure adequate space in plant rooms for installation and repair etc.
  • Ensure access for installation of plant.
  • Use screwed or flanged connections to avoid welding.
  • Ensure the provision of lifting beams etc. to help with future maintenance and repair of mechanical plant.
  • Ensure rooftop locations of plant have adequate access and are provided with edge protection.
  • Ensure control valves etc. are easily accessible.
  • Ensure use of correct personal protective equipment and clothing.