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CDM (Jersey) Knowledge Base

CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations
Please note this topic relates to the CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations. If you are looking for the CDM 2015 (Great Britain) Regulations, please see the CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

Utility companies carry a wide variety of CDM roles and they fulfil more than one role on some projects. They normally arrange for work to be done and are in the best position to ensure that designers and contractors doing the work are competent.

Utility companies must accept the authority of the principal contractor. The importance of the principal contractors co-ordinating role and, and comply with the relevant site rules.

Exchange of information

Utilities often operate on sites as designers and or contractors. When they do so, they must provide the principal contractor with relevant information about hazards arising from their designs or operations and about how the resulting risks are to be controlled. Similarly, they must be given relevant information to the risks to their own health & safety arising from the construction work. This exchange of information is straightforward in most cases. For more information see existing services.