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Hazard Related Topics


This includes brickwork, blockwork, stonework, pre-assembled composite brick or masonry units, temporary loading and support, and mason work reinforcement.

Some Hazards and Risks

Hazards commence when all forms of masonry are off loaded, stored and then transported to the site of operations. Incorrect stacking can lead to risks, as can a restricted access for transport vehicles and plant. Every effort should be made to plan the site to allow adequate access and storage facilities.

  • Hazardous substances - cement, lime and mortar mixing, chemical grouts and additives.
  • Collapse - caused by unpropped construction, overloaded elements, movement joints, storage and stacking of irregular units, horizontal chases etc.
  • Handling hazards - caused by the weight, shape, transportation of units, handling at height, insufficient working space etc.
  • Cuts and abrasions - caused by masonry texture, wall ties, insulation such as glass fibre etc.
  • The cutting or chasing of stonework.

Some Control Measures

  • Plan to minimise manual handling.
  • Ensure provision of adequate personal protective clothing and equipment including weather protection.
  • Where possible use blocks of less than 20 Kg to allow ease of manual handling.
  • Ensure adequate storage, working and handling space.
  • Plan for the cutting and chasing of stonework off-site under controlled conditions.