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Lifts Escalators and Walkways

Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes traction lifts, hydraulic lifts, escalators and walkways. Much of the work in these areas is particularly hazardous as it is carried out at height and in lift shafts etc.

Some Principal Hazards and Risks

  • Falls from height - into pits and shafts whilst installing commissioning and maintaining the equipment.
  • Manual handling - large and heavy items of equipment sometimes in confined spaces.
  • Hazardous substances - possible contacts with dusts and vapours, bottled gases, hydraulic oils, fibrous dust etc.
  • Confined spaces - during installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment in lift pits and motor rooms etc.
  • Possible collapse - heavy equipment on unpropped floors.

Some Methods of Control

  • Ensure the provision of suitable personal protective clothing and equipment.
  • Provide for lifting equipment which can access confined spaces to aid installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Ensure floors are able to take the weight of heavy equipment.
  • Ensure a method statement is prepared for the installation of the machinery which takes the hazards into consideration and ensure that it is followed.