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CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations
Please note this topic relates to the CDM (Jersey) 2016 Regulations. If you are looking for the CDM 2015 (Great Britain) Regulations, please see the CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

The following list of documents is required for CDM projects but please note that the notification is only required for major construction projects.

The list is not exhaustive. It provides a link to topics in the knowledge base for those starting from this point;

  • Project Notification
    Specific information that must be notified to the HSI for major construction projects.
  • Pre-Construction Information
    Pre-construction Information should be presented to the client and principal contractor before any construction begins.
  • Construction Phase Plan
    The Construction Phase Plan is required for all projects under CDM 2016 to provide for effective health and safety management during the construction.
  • Health and Safety File
    The Health and Safety File is to be produced on all projects, and is prepared by the Health & Safety Project Coordinator. If a Health and Safety File exists for a structure that is to be modified by the project construction, the existing Health and Safety File will need to be amended to reflect the changes.