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Ground Stabilisation

Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes vibroflotation, dynamic compaction, lime and cement stabilisation, dewatering/band drains, preloading, jet grouting and permeation grouting (to improve bearing capacity).

Some Principal Hazards

  • Crushing or trapping caused by manoeuvring and slewing of heavy plant and equipment.
  • Possible plant instability caused by inadequate ground bearing capacity, gradient, fill stability etc.
  • Hazards of buried underground and overhead services during drilling, driving, impact, vibration or settlement.
  • Health hazards caused by the working environment such as noise, vibration and fumes.

Possible Control Measures

  • Segregate plant and workers as much as possible.
  • Ensure location of underground and overhead services is known and marked before work commences.
  • Ensure adequate personal protective clothing and equipment is provided and used by all site personnel.