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Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes reinforced concrete work.

Hazards and risks

  • Workers falling during steel fixing and the erection of formwork.
  • Collapse of the formwork / falsework.
  • Materials falling during the striking of formwork.
  • Silica dust from scabbling operations.
  • Manual handling of shutters, reinforcing bars etc.
  • Cement burns from wet cement.
  • Arm and back strain for steel fixers.


A planned, written health and safety method statement must be prepared before work commences and all associated with the work made aware of its contents. It must then be followed. Any deviations from the method statement must be communicated to all concerned.

  • Workers must be provided with safe access to the work.
  • Guard rails must be put in place as work progresses
  • Access ladders must be properly erected, tied and project at least 1 metre above the landing platform.
  • Ladders or an access scaffold must be used for access.
  • Equipment must be in good order before use. Original manufacturers pins must be used in adjustable props.
  • Formwork, falsework and temporary supports must be checked, properly tied, footed, braced and supported before loading and before pouring walls or columns.
  • Workers must be protected from wet concrete by use of protective gloves and boots and from the effects of silica dust by avoiding the need to scabble by using a retarder or by the provision of respirators.
  • There is a planned striking procedure that everyone is made aware of before the work commences.

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