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Time and Resources

CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

The regulations require the client allow sufficient time and other resources for all parties involved to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities. The client may need to source independent advice on the time and resources proposed to be allocated to the different phases of a project. However, if a client imposes unrealistic time constraints because of commercial pressure the whole project will be flawed at the outset from a health and safety point of view.

The duty to ensure sufficient time and resources does not just rest with the client, any person who employs others, either as individuals or organisations, must ensure that sufficient time and resources are proposed, supplied and maintained.

The client must allow sufficient time for the design, design reviews, planning, hazard identification, risk assessment, specification of risk control measures, selection of contractors, mobilisation, sequencing and scheduling of work, and carrying out construction. Consideration must be given to contingencies (e.g. refurbishment in a building known to have contained asbestos where pockets might still remain, which would only be possible if a Refurbishment & Demolition asbestos survey has been preformed).