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Emergency Routes and Exits

Hazard Related Topics

A sufficient number of suitable emergency routes and exits should be provided on each construction site. Such routes and exits must lead directly to a place of safety, be kept clear and free from obstructions and, where necessary, be provided with emergency lights. Provision of emergency routes and exits shall be made with due regard to:

  • The type of work being carried out on site.
  • The size of the site and the number of indoor work places on the site.
  • The plant and equipment being used.
  • The number of persons likely to be present on site at any one time.

All site personnel should be familiarised with emergency routes and exits. Familiarisaton should be included in induction training, site safety training and periodic safety drills. All emergency routes and exits shall be indicated by sufficiently resistant signs which comply with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996.