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Electrical Services

Hazard Related Topics


This includes HV equipment and transformers, LV switchgear and components, UPS Systems, generators, lighting protection, fire and security alarm systems, lighting and power cabling, emergency lighting and mechanical plant supplies.

Principal Hazards and Risks

  • Falling from height during installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Confined working spaces during installation, maintenance and commissioning.
  • Manual handling of plant such as heavy switchgear components, transformers, generators etc. Sharp objects such as tray work or conduits.
  • Installation and maintenance of fixings for equipment on walls or in floor or ceiling voids.
  • Hazardous substances, battery acids, hydrogen from battery charging, insulating oils in transformers or HV switchgear etc
  • Electric shock during commissioning or maintenance

Some Control Measures

  • Ensure the provision of handling devices in equipment rooms and along access/egress routes.
  • Ensure adequate safe access for maintenance e.g. lamp replacement etc.
  • Provide suitable protective equipment and clothing and ensure its use.
  • Ensure only competent, certificated people have access to HV installations.
  • Avoid the need to carry out electrical work on 'live' services.

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