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Management Plan

Asbestos Knowledge Base

If asbestos is or is liable to be present a written management plan has to be prepared. This is Step 6 of the flow chart and the main items for inclusion are listed here;

Contents of management plan

  1. details of how the location and condition of known or presumed ACMs is recorded;
  2. priority assessments including priority assessment scores if algorithms have been used;
  3. a table of priority for action;
  4. decisions about management options including the rationale (this may include reference to the flow charts in appendix 5 - see below);
  5. a timetable for action;
  6. monitoring arrangements;
  7. employees and their responsibilities;
  8. training arrangements for employees and contractors;
  9. a plan for the implementation of new procedures, including those for external contractors;
  10. the mechanism for passing information about the location and condition of ACMs to those who need it;
  11. who will oversee the quality of the entries made on the management plan; and
  12. a procedure for review of the plan, including a timetable

Notes; See source document "A comprehensive guide to managing asbestos in Premises"

Appendix 5: Management options and selection of management options. The appendix contains 4 flow charts;

  • Materials suspected of containing asbestos
  • Sprayed asbestos coatings and pipe and vessel insulation
  • Asbestos insulating board and insulating blocks
  • Other asbestos materials

Appendix 6: contains details about selecting contractors, managing asbestos removal/repair contracts, and selecting consultants/laboratories.