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Asbestos Knowledge Base

The CEO has a duty to comply with the Law; and will want to be managing a safe place of work by having the correct procedures in place to achieve this.

  1. The cost of putting the wrong solution in place can be very high in terms of wasted time and the potential injury or illness to those with access to the workplace if it is unsafe.
  2. For a large organisation, there is potential to improve management systems by a properly managed introduction of an on-line database with an audit system which includes periodic reporting and maintenance.
  3. For a smaller organisation, skills may be required from third parties, for surveying for instance, to supplement those in the existing facilities management team.
  4. Give consideration to the need to be open with information to those who need it and to restrict it to those who will make adverse use of it. The need to know principle is good management practice.

The following items will help with the role holder;

  • Monthly Reports showing latest risk assessments and actions planned
  • up to date on-line lists of;
    • all asbestos items and status of each
    • asbestos risks
    • view of all tasks / my tasks
    • view of all building drawings per site indicating where asbestos items are
  • Search button for on line enquires
  • Link to my organisation's records for my competence certificates, policy documents and general details
  • List of call out personnel and emergency contact numbers for out of hours contact