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Duty to Manage

Asbestos Knowledge Base

If you are the owner, occupier, or manager of premises, you will either have a duty to manage the risk from asbestos or a duty to co-operate with the person who does. See Duty Holder.

Regulation 4 will require duty holders to:

  1. Take reasonable steps to find materials in premises likely to contain asbestos and check their condition.
  2. Presume materials contain asbestos, unless there is strong evidence to suppose they do not.
  3. Assess the risk of the likelihood of anyone being exposed to asbestos from these materials.
  4. Make a written record of the location and condition of the asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and presumed ACMs and keep it up to date.
  5. Repair or remove any material that contains or is presumed to contain asbestos, if necessary, because of the likelihood of disturbance, and its location or condition.
  6. Prepare a plan to manage that risk and put it into effect to ensure that;
    • information on the location and condition of ACMs is given to people who may disturb them during work activities
    • any material known or presumed to contain asbestos is kept in a good state of repair
  7. Monitor the condition of ACMs and presumed ACMs.
  8. Review and monitor the action plan and the arrangements made to put it in place.