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Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes pre-fabricated panel cladding systems, traditional frame systems, panel rain screen cladding systems, panel over cladding systems, thin stone and brick veneers and profiled metal sheeting including composite panels.

Some Hazards and Risks

The handling and transporting of these materials is a large hazard area as it takes place at many stages. On/off vehicles, in/out of storage, up/down a building and into final position on building. Other hazards are:

  • Working at height with its attendant risks of falls from height and objects falling from height during erection, repair and cleaning.
  • Hazardous materials during painting, sealing and installing insulation materials.
  • Glazing hazards such as accidental breakage.
  • Manual handling of large cladding components around a congested site.

Some Control Measures

  • Ensure the provision of safe means of access and safe work platforms.
  • Ensure the provision of adequate personal protective clothing and equipment including weather protection.
  • Attempt to use plant for lifting and carrying panels rather than site operatives.
  • Ensure the establishment of safety zones around operations at height.