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CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

Resources, states the ACoP, is a general term that includes the following;

  • Plant
  • Machinery
  • Technical facilities
  • Trained and competent people
  • Time in which to discharge duties

A detailed breakdown of the funds devoted to health & safety is not required but may be helpful in relation to high risk matters especially if identified in the Pre-construction Information.

Checks on project resources should include the time required to carry out the various health & safety aspects of the project including;

  • Time required to carry out the design
  • Draw up and develop pre-tender health & safety plan
  • Draw up and develop construction phase health & safety plan
  • Time for principal contractor to
    • mobilise the labour force and equipment
    • arrange welfare facilities
    • plan and prepare for the project
    • carry out construction work safely
  • Clients need to allocate sufficient funds to the overall project to ensure that it is adequately resourced as above.