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Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes the walls and sides of atria and also the walls and roofs of all large glassed areas such as the roofs of shopping malls etc.

Some Principal Hazards

The extensive glass areas inherent in structures of this nature focus the attention on hazards associated with this material. However other hazards are also

  • Working at height - falls from height during cleaning, maintenance and repair and during access to places of work. Falling objects during such operations.
  • Working with hazardous materials - glass, sealants and paints.
  • Manual handling - this takes place at many stages and involves large, unwieldy and fragile materials such as glass.
  • Glazing / Windows - this has its own hazards due to the material being used because of accidental breakage, falling glass shards, large glass sheets etc.

Some Methods of Control

  • Access - if a safe means of access to places of work has not been designed into the structure than a suitable safe means of access must be found for installation, maintenance and cleaning.
  • A safe working platform must be provided for installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Safety zones must be established beneath work taking place overhead.
  • Suitable protective clothing and equipment must be provided.