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Application of Paints and Surface Treatments

Hazard Related Topics


Paints and surface treatments are made from a wide range of chemical substances some of which may be toxic. Full details of the properties of the substance must be supplied by the manufacturer or supplier. Once this information is to hand the designer should ascertain whether it is possible to substitute a less harmful substance with the same properties. If this is not possible the designer should carry out a risk assessment of each substance or materials. Such an assessment should:

  1. Identify hazards of the material specified
    • harmful to skin
    • generates a vapour
    • harmful if inhaled or ingested
  2. Identify work location and conditions
    • confined space
    • ventilation
    • temperature

It may also be helpful to specify methods of application, for example specify brush application rather than spray to restrict contamination. These details should be supplied to the Principal Designer for inclusion in the Construction Phase Plan which in turn will be read by the Principal Contractor who should devise a safe system of working with the substance.

Some Relevant Legislation