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Construction Work

CDM (GB) Knowledge Base

The carrying out of any building, civil engineering or engineering construction work and includes:

  • the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting out, commissioning, renovation, repair, upkeep, redecoration or other maintenance (including cleaning which involves the use of water or an abrasive at high pressure or the use of corrosive or toxic substances), de-commissioning, demolition or dismantling of a structure;
  • the preparation for an intended structure, including site clearance, exploration, investigation (but not site survey) and excavation, and the clearance or preparation of the site or structure for use or occupation at its conclusion;
  • the assembly of prefabricated elements to form a structure or the disassembly of prefabricated elements which, immediately before such disassembly, formed a structure;
  • the removal of a structure or of any product or waste resulting from demolition or dismantling of a structure or from disassembly of prefabricated elements which immediately before such disassembly formed such a structure; and
  • the installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair or removal of mechanical, electrical, gas, compressed air, hydraulic, telecommunications, computer or similar services which are normally fixed within or to a structure;

but does not include the exploration for or extraction of mineral resources or activities preparatory thereto carried out at a place where such exploration or extraction is carried out.

Some construction projects will include some of the operations described above. Where this is the case, the overlap between the construction and non-construction work should be addressed in the management arrangements and the PCI/CPP.

Tree planting and general horticultural work also need to be considered by the designers during the design of structures, e.g. the landscape architect would need to co-ordinate their design and planning with the other project designers.