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Tall Buildings

Hazard Related Topics

The terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Centre (WTC) on 11 September 2001 has changed attitudes towards being associated with tall buildings. Their height sets them out as potential targets for natural, weather and terrorist activities. The WTC was in the region of 107 floors high and about 405 metres above street level. There are several buildings completed or in planning which exceed this around the world. In the UK, London has the tallest buildings with some 20 medium sized buildings in planning, construction or completed in the 30-50 storey range.

As in all health & safety matters, the size and height of a building needs to be considered in relation to the risks to the health and safety of not only those in construction and close to the site during that phase, but also in relation to the occupants, their working environment, the air they breathe and the ease of access and egress, particularly in an emergency with due consideration to the likely numbers of personnel involved.