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Fragile Material

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Fragile Material is a surface or assembly that is liable to fail either from the weight of anyone crossing, working or falling on it. (Here, the person's weight includes the weight of anything that they may be wearing and carrying).

Any surface or assembly may be fragile, particularly if incorrectly fixed, supported or specified.

All materials tend to deteriorate with age, exposure to UV Light and weathering.

Typical fragile materials

  • Roof lights
  • Fibre cement sheets
  • Corroded metal sheets
  • Glass (including wired glass)
  • Wood wool slabs

Fragile materials present a risk to people installing the material, doing subsequent maintenance and crossing the material to gain access to other parts of a structure or plant situated, for instance, on a roof.

Fragility Test

A test for Fragility is set out in Advisory Committee for Roofwork Material Standards ACR (M)001: 2000. This can be ordered from the National Federation of Roofing Contractors