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Hazard Related Topics

CDM applies to the cleaning of a structure using water or an abrasive at high pressure, or using corrosive or toxic substances. The cleaning of any window or any transparent or translucent wall, ceiling, or roof, in or on a structure, where it involves the risk of falling more than two metres, is specifically included in Regulation 2. You may have specific duties in designing out risk or notifying residual risk, through the health & safety file, for cleaning personnel. Welfare facilities need to include cleaning materials.

Here are some references;

  • Introduction to ACoP: Time and thought invested at the start of the project can lead to reduced cost of ownership if the structure is designed for safe and easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Health & Safety File: requires health and safety information about equipment provided for cleaning or maintaining the structure
  • The regulations (Regulation 2b) include reference to various types of 'cleaning' as part of the 'construction work'. The ACoP 117 makes a reference to this where Local Authorities, for instance, have stipulated specific cleaning materials which may be hazardous and the discusses the issue of who is the 'designer' in this instance.
  • Designers are required under Regulation 11 to avoid foreseeable risks in 'cleaning any window or any transparent or translucent wall, ceiling or roof in or on a structure'
  • Schedule 2 to the Regulations, Washing Facilities list the inclusion of 'soap and other suitable means of cleaning'

Relevant Legislation