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Tips for anyone new to CDM

CDM (GB) Knowledge Base


The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) and the new Guidance, revoke CDM2007 and its associated ACoP.

CDM2015 applies to ALL construction work in Great Britain; the requirements of CDM2015 apply whether or not the project is notifiable. The regulations apply to both employers and the self-employed without distinction; additionally the CDM2015 regulations includes 'domestic works'.

  1. Find out if your project is notifiable. See 'Project Notification'
  2. Find out your duties under the regulations. See 'Duties under CDM'
  3. Find out what documentation is required. See 'CDM Documents'

Hazards and Risks

The regulations are about identifying hazards and reducing risk, so saving lives and eliminating injury. Please familiarise yourself with our 'Hazard Related Topics' to see where they might apply to your project. The entire legal requirements are aimed at making all concerned both aware and concerned to reduce risk in the construction industry.

Management and Audit Systems

The HSE require organisations to have in place a management and audit system for their CDM processes.

We provide these systems through our CDM ToolKit CS™ software.

Information available from HSE Books