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Asbestos (Prohibitions) (Amendment) Regulations 1999


These Regulations come into force on 24 Nov 99 and ban the use of Chrysotile or white asbestos. The regulations also ban the supply and use of second-hand asbestos products and of boards, tiles and panels which have been painted or covered with paints and textured plasters containing asbestos.

The domestic regulations implement a European Directive five years ahead of its deadline.

The regulations list a number of mostly time limited derogations which permit the use of chrysotile in safety critical applications where there is no substitute currently available. The supply of asbestos for purposes of disposal, and the importation, supply and use of chrysotile for the purposes of research, development or analysis will be allowed. The regulations also allow the continued use of products containing chrysotile until they reach the end of their service life, if they were in use before the regulations came into force.

These regulations have now been revoked by the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, with the prohibition requirements transferred into the new regulations.

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