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Procedure for COSHH Assessments

Contractors Knowledge Base


The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) requires that all hazardous substances should be assessed for the health risks involved in their use and the measures to be taken to prevent exposure or else adequately control it.

This procedure is designed to provide the means by which all hazardous substances used by the company are assessed and the correct precautions taken when they are used. It must be remembered that substances such as solvents, glues and paints are harmful and must be assessed. All company employees will follow the precept that when there are doubts as to whether a substance is harmful then it will be assumed to be dangerous and subject to assessment.


A COSHH substances information form and its attached suppliers hazard data sheet must be to hand together with a COSHH Assessment Form.


  1. The person assigned to carry out the assessment must be competent in terms of his instruction, training and experience.
  2. A less harmful alternative will be sought by reference to the COSHH substances register, which is controlled by the senior company representative on site, before the assessment is carried out.
  3. Where a suitable alternative is not found the assessment form will be completed by reference to the COSHH substances information form and the suppliers hazard data sheet.
  4. Any identified control measures will be put in place.
  5. Once completed the results of the assessment will be communicated to the employees doing the work.
  6. Where the work is being carried out as a sub-contract the principal contractors site representative will be given a copy of the assessment prior to the commencement of the work. Arrangements will be made with him as to when the work will be carried out so that risks to other workers on the site are minimised.
  7. Any necessary personal protective clothing and equipment will be issued and the workers instructed in its use.
  8. The work will be supervised to ensure the workers follow the protective measures outlined in the assessment. The assessment will be filed for safe keeping.