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Procedure for COSHH Substances Information

Contractors Knowledge Base


It is necessary that all chemicals and substances which are bought for use by the company are registered. The register will be used to judge which substances should be used and which could be substituted for another substance with the same properties but which is less harmful. It will also be used during COSHH safety assessments as the principle source of information about the harmful effects of substances.


A COSHH substance information form should be available together with a supplier's hazard data sheet.


  1. COSHH substances information form should be to hand.
  2. Suppliers hazard data sheet should be to hand. If it is not supplied with the substance then the supplier must be approached to supply it.
  3. The details supplied on the hazard data sheet should be transferred the COSHH substances information form.
  4. The hazard data sheet should be attached to the COSHH substances information form and filed in the COSHH information file.
  5. All substances issued for use on site should be accompanied by a copy of the relevant COSHH information form.
  6. Users of substances on site must follow the safety precautions outlined in the form.
  7. Any recommendation about personal protective clothing or equipment must followed.
  8. Defects or deficiencies in this equipment must be reported to the senior company representative on site and removed from service.