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Procedure for First Aid

Contractors Knowledge Base


This procedure is to ensure that anyone, (employees and others) who are injured as a result of the work activities of the company receive prompt and correct first aid.


When the company is sub-contracting on a site consultation with the principal contractor may decide that the company's employees are allowed to use the principal contractor's first-aid facilities and qualified first-aiders. Where this is not the case the company must provide first-aid facilities and a trained first-aider. This latter person must have successfully completed an HSE recognised first-aid course.

The company must also provide appropriate first-aid equipment in a suitable container. The content of a suitable first-aid kit, which depends on numbers of employees, is defined in the Approved Code of Practice to the Regulations. Pain relievers and other medicines must not be kept in first-aid boxes or be administered by first-aiders.


  1. The first-aider will be responsible for the upkeep and replenishment of the first-aid kit.
  2. On sustaining an injury the injured person will report to the first-aider who will assess the injury and carry out suitable first-aid.
  3. The details will be entered into the accident book. (B1510)
  4. Where the first-aider decides that the injured person requires further treatment the injured person will be sent to the nearest hospital accident and emergency unit. A report of this will be made to the senior company representative.
  5. Should a serious injury be sustained which renders the injured person unable to attend for first-aid, the nearest person will immediately inform the first-aider. The first-aider will immediately attend the injured person at the site of the accident, assess the injury and render any first-aid necessary.
  6. Dependent upon the extent of the injury the first-aider will send the nearest person to call an emergency ambulance and will continue to attend to the injured person pending its arrival.
  7. Once the injured person has been transported to hospital the first-aider will report to the senior company representative on the actions taken.
  8. The first-aider will complete the accident book with the relevant details.
  9. The senior company representative will contact the chief executive and report the details of the incident and the injuries.

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