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Hazard Related Topics


The HSE Booklet HS(G)47 "Avoiding Danger from Underground Services" gives detailed guidance and sets out procedures for working in the vicinity underground mains and services of whatever type. There is a legal obligation that any activity shall be carried out in such a manner as not to give rise to danger.

It must always be assumed that an underground pipeline is live unless categorically proved to the contrary!! Contract documents should require that all operations are carried out in accordance to this advice.

Specimen or Standard Clause

  1. The position of existing gas mains identified on the drawings is based on information supplied by the (named) Gas Company. The Client does not guarantee accuracy and the Contractor must make his own inquiries to determine the position of gas mains and services.
  2. The Contractor shall comply with the HSE Booklet HS(G)47 "Avoiding of Danger from Underground Services"
  3. The Contractor must have in place and have issued to his employees written procedures for carrying out works within the vicinity of live gas mains.
  4. The Contractor shall comply with the relevant clauses of the specification detailing how operations shall be carried out in the vicinity of gas mains or services.