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Manual Handling Operations Risk Assessment - Form

Contractors Knowledge Base

Is the Task Physical?

The Task, does it involve:

Holding away from the trunk? 
Reaching upwards? 
Large vertical movements? 
Long carrying distances? 
Strenuous pushing? 
Strenuous pulling? 
Unpredictable movement of load? 
Repetitive handling? 
Insufficient rest or recovery? 
A work rate imposed by a process? 

Is the Individual prepared for the task?

Does the job:

Require unusual capability? 
Hazard those with a health problem? 
Hazard those who are pregnant? 
Call for special information? 
Call for special training? 

Is the Load difficult to handle?

The Load, is it:

Difficult to grasp? 
Unstable / unpredictable? 
Harmful (eg sharp or hot)? 

Is the Working Environment suitable?

The Working Environment, are there:

Constraints on posture? 
Poor floors? 
Variations in levels? 
Hot / cold / humid conditions? 
Strong air movements? 
Poor lighting conditions? 
Is movement hindered by clothing? 
Is movement hindered by personal protective equipment? 

What weight is involved in the task?

Weight (Kilogrammes) 


WhomAction Required