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Site Safety Audit - Form (2)

Contractors Knowledge Base

Substances on Site

Are any highly flammable liquids in use? 
Are these stored in metal containers? 
Are all substances stored in correctly marked containers? 
Is LPG in use? 
If yes are leads, valves and connections subjected to regular inspections? 
Is the LPG removed from the site at the end of the day? 
Is information available on the safe use and disposal of substances? 
Do staff know the hazards and safety measures for the substances that they use on the site? 

Equipment and Plant

Does all equipment appear in good working order? 
Is the equipment regularly serviced and inspected? 
Are safe working procedures available for all equipment and plant? 
Have all operators been trained in plant use? 
Is there any defective equipment or plant in use? 
Is the moving equipment and plant kept away from public areas? 
Are compressors silenced? 
Are compressors tested and inspected? 
Do any fumes enter or are in close proximity to buildings? 
Are cable and gas detectors available?