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Site Access Equipment Inspection Record - Form (2)

Contractors Knowledge Base

Ropes and Harness

Evidence of fraying    
Inspection of buckles    
Signs of twisting    
Signs of bending    
Signs of abrasion    
Signs of wear    
Suitable belaying    
Suitable fit    


When a fall has occurred and a safety rope has been used to halt the descent of the protected worker, the safety rope must be withdrawn from service.


Damaged trestle treads    
Worn trestle treads    
Frayed ropes    
Missing ropes    
Cracks or splits    
Paint obscuring faults    


Trestles are frequently used where a temporary work platform is required, such as decorating, always follow the safety rules for trestles.

All other forms of access equipment such as mechanically operated platforms, (cherry pickers, scissor lifts) fixed scaffolding and mobile towers, should only be erected, used and operated by competent personnel. Safety checks on all the above are as laid down by the manufacturer's instructions or relevant legislation.