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Procedure for Site Induction Training

Contractors Knowledge Base


It is the objective of the company that all new staff on site will be made aware of site rules for health, safety and welfare. This applies equally to sub-contractors' staff as to direct employees.


The training will be carried out by the company's senior representative on site and will take place on the first morning of the trainee's presence on site. (The fact that the training has been given will be entered on the employees training record which the employee will sign to acknowledge that the training has taken place).


Subjects to be covered during the training must include:

  1. Site booking-in procedures.
  2. Site safe access and egress routes, car parking rules etc.
  3. Site welfare facilities and the need to maintain them in a clean, hygienic condition.
  4. Site fire and evacuation procedures.
  5. Site personal protective equipment rules, including requirements on head and foot protection. The requirement for other personal protective equipment to be dependent on the function of the individual and the task being undertaken.
  6. Company accident and first aid procedures.
  7. Restrictions on the use of plant and equipment by unauthorised people.
  8. The requirement to examine equipment before use and withdraw defective equipment from service. Such defects to be reported to the senior company site representative.
  9. Site health and safety consultation procedures.
  10. The rules on complying with safety signs.
  11. Advice on safety rules laid down by the principal contractor or the client and the requirement to comply with them at all times.
  12. The requirement to clear up waste and debris as work progresses.
  13. The requirement to take care for the safety and health of themselves and of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
  14. Company disciplinary procedure as it applies to wilfully ignoring safety rules.
  15. The requirement to make themselves familiar with company health and safety procedures.