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Safety Method Statement

Contractors Knowledge Base

Method Statements

Method statements are commonly asked for from contractors by principal contractors. They wish to be assured that:

  • the particular operation is carried out efficiently with due regard for the health and safety of those carrying out the work and others in the area
  • the operation does not impinge on any other work which may be taking place at the same time


  1. A sequential statement of each stage of the operation or task indicating the hazards which might be encountered and the measures to be used to control them.
  2. A schedule of any items of plant to be used together with details of authorised users.
  3. Details of any health risks, which might be encountered and measures to be used to control the risk.
  4. Details of first aid facilities.
  5. Details of personal protective equipment, which might be required.
  6. Details of any permits to work which might have been issued.
  7. Finally details of any emergency procedures in place i.e. rescue or evacuation procedures.


A copy of the completed method statement should be given to the principal contractors representative on site.

The content of the method statement must be explained to construction workers who are to carry out the work.

The work must be supervised to ensure compliance with the content of the method statement.

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