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Restricted Spaces

Hazard Related Topics

Note: A restricted space may be internal or external.


Consideration must be given to restricted spaces encountered both during construction and the future maintenance and repair of the project.

The design must provide for safe access during maintenance and repair as well as for safe access during construction. Permanent walkways, safe routes, adequate lighting, and ventilation must be provided for.


  • Areas where movement will be confined. Consider the size of entry into the space taking into account the extra space required for tools and equipment such as breathing apparatus.
  • Unventilated areas where access may be required during construction or future maintenance or repair. Consider the implications of possible pollution of the atmosphere by such activities as welding, painting, or the lack of oxygen. It may be necessary to recommend the testing of the atmosphere by a competent person before entry.
  • Safe means of access including fixings for temporary harness or scaffolding.
  • Necessity for safety barriers and guard rails.

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