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Hazard Related Topics


This topic includes mass concrete, pier and beam, pile and beam and mini-piling.

Some Hazards and Risks

  • Structural instability leading to possible collapse of the structure and the resultant risk to workers and occupants.
  • Work in confined spaces preventing the use of mechanical lifting aids and leading to manual handling problems whilst lifting and moving casings, reinforcement, trench sheets and concrete.
  • Health hazards from contaminated risings or ground water, cement, concrete, fumes and dust.
  • Health hazards caused by noise, vibration and fumes.
  • Hazards of contact with buried or overhead services whilst drilling, driving, impact settlement and vibration.

Some Control Measures

  • Plan to control ground water inflow.
  • Ensure location of underground and overhead services is known and marked before work commences.
  • Examine possibility of repairing and strengthening structure to avoid need for underpinning.
  • Ensure suitable protective clothing and equipment is provided and used.
  • Ensure adequate batter or shoring is provided for trenches.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in confined spaces.