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Hazard Related Topics


This topic is intended to include softwoods, hardwoods, plywood, chipboard, glued laminated timber, building frames, roof trusses, partitions, suspended floors and preservative treatments.

Some Principal Hazards and Risks

  • The hazards of handling are particularly important with this material. Off-loading, stacking and erecting components either manually or using a crane are hazardous if not planned and performed correctly. Cuts and splinters are also important.
  • Collapse of incorrectly stacked material or inadequately supported components.
  • Falls from height during installation.
  • Health hazards caused by wood preservatives, adhesives, resins, treated timber and wood dust.
  • Hazards caused by inadequate working space or access.

Some Control Measures

  • Ensure adequate access to off loading areas and adequate space for these areas and for off loading and stacking.
  • Attempt to assemble components at ground level and hoist into position by crane.
  • Ensure provision of adequate protective clothing and equipment including that for weather protection.
  • Attempt to arrange for preservative treatment off site under controlled conditions.