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 cdm roles question

Created 2 Oct 2017, 13:14 by MATTHEW BRACKPOOL in the CDM forum.

hi i need some advice on the following please.
i am about to start the second phase of a project converting two barns to holiday accommodation. the first phase involved renovating and extending a pub for a domestic client. the second phase is for the same client who now owns and runs a business. i have been instructed to renovate 2 barns for holiday accommodation that are part of the pub. there is also no architect involved now. does this client now become a commercial client? principle designer ?
how am i best to set this up.

#1186 David Brede posted on 2 October 2017, 14:25

As this is now a business it falls into the commercial orbit.

In the event of their no one willing or able to take on the other duties separately it defaults to the client to manage.

It sound like the client is passing this responsibility to you or trying to.

I could help you with this if you wished.

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