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Created 28 Feb 2013, 10:11 by Shirley in the CDM forum.

A question from an interested party: For single wind turbine projects can we avoid the use of a principal contractor once the turbine has been built and it is only commissioning works left to undertake? At the most there will be one or two operatives on site for a couple days at a time from a number of different contractors.

#108 David Brede posted on 28 February 2013, 10:20

It is still a contruction activity until it is commissioned and handed over to the client. The PC needs to ensure that the commissioning engineers have safe access and safe systems of work and are competent. I have worked with firms who are not CDM savvy as they are expert in another field and a bit of hand holding may be required.

#109 Trevor Olsson posted on 1 March 2013, 08:52

Under the CDM Regulations the work still requires the appointment of a Principal Contractor to manage the Health and Safety on site. If the Client has not appointed a PC then he is deemed to have taken on that role and is the responsible person.

What we have done in similar circumstances where the original Main/Principal Contractor has completed the work, but there is still minor specialist or commissioning works to complete, is to appoint a competent named person to manage and supervise the sub contractors, and ensure that the works are completed safely. This has usually been a competent person within our DLO, but could equally be a suitable contractor with the required skills and knowledge.

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