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 The implications of the update of CDM 2007 regulations to CDM 2015 and its likely effect on accident statistics in the UK.

Created 22 Aug 2016, 13:48 by Suzanne Whan in the CDM forum.

Dear all

I would like to invite you to take part in my research questionnaire for my thesis at Queens University Belfast. The overall aim of this research is to highlight the impact that the original CDM regulations have had upon the construction industry and to determine whether the updated CDM regulations are likely to assist in the reduction of accidents within the construction industry. All sectors are welcome to participate and have an input.
Your participation is completely voluntary, and all responses will be held in the strictest of confidence with the survey being completely anonymous. If you could please follow the link below you will be directed to the online version of the survey which will take no longer than two minutes to complete. If possible it would be greatly appreciated if you could distribute amongst others within your organisation.

Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

#1175 Shirley posted on 23 August 2016, 09:18

Thank you for the post, I have taken your questionnaire and hope that many others partake in your survey!

#1176 David Brede posted on 23 August 2016, 10:40

I have responded as well.

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