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 Public Liability

Created 25 Nov 2004, 16:40 by Ai Solutions in the CDM forum.

How will the proximity of a primary school effect my development of 10 houses?

#46 Ai Solutions posted on 25 November 2004, 16:40

The question above was originally posed via our Ask A Guru feature and this response from 2004 was by either Dave Carr or Michael Stokes.

We do not understand what the public liability aspect of the question is about.

As far as CDM is concerned, the presence of the school is of significance for the developer as it may effect the scheduling of the contractors work. The presence of the school may have some influence on the positioning of the houses in attempting to ensure that the houses do not abut the school grounds. Details of the activities of the school which might have a bearing on the principal contractor's health and safety planning should be made known to him in the pre-tender health and safety plan. This includes such matters (if they are relevant) as:

  • the times of day when the pupils are likely to be passing the site, the location of parent parking for dropping off and picking up the children,
  • details of visiting sports teams, ie additional vehicles out of normal school hours,
  • details of any other obstructions which the school might generate, such as school sports, open days etc,
  • any other person who use the school premises for sports, clubs etc
  • etc etc etc

The presence of the school might cause the provision of more stringent site security arrangements. If the development abuts the school playing field, there may be a need for greater protection than normal to the scaffolds etc to ensure that materials cannot fall into the areas where children are likely to occupy. The overriding fact is that as minors, children are entitled to a higher level of protection than an adult population and their lack of responsibility and knowledge, combined with their curiosity should be taken into account during planning and construction.

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